PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The weather is not the only thing that’s heating up — so is kitten season. The Pennsylvania SPCA is looking for more than a few good foster homes.

“We’re looking for foster parents for animals that are too small to be adopted so they can get healthy, they can get fattened up, and then they’re ready to be neutered or spayed and then adopted out, said Leslie O’Neill, a volunteer with the PSPCA’s Animal Care and Control Team — also known as ACCT.

With an endless stream of needy animals coming in to the shelter, which has to euthanize to make space, fostering does a lot more than offer a kitten a loving waystation.

“Fostering saves lives, so if you pull two kittens, you’re saving those lives, and the next two kittens who get their cage,” O’Neill added.

ACCT offers foster parents supplies, a free clinic, and support to help you get your fosters adopted — so you can open your home to more needy kittens.

Call 267-385-3800 or visit:

Reported by Molly Daly, KYW Newsradio.