PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Summer is here, and that means bathing suits and shorts. Time to show some skin. And for many it’s time to tackle cellulite. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl is On Your Side with a new way to get rid of it.

Most women have it and hate it. Cellulite, bumpy skin, mainly on the thighs.

“I like to wear skirts, short shorts. And with cellulite, that just makes it more self-conscious,” said Melisa Votion, who doesn’t like her cellulite.

This is the newest weapon in the war on cellulite. It’s called SmoothShapes. It uses suction and lasers to treat the problem areas.

“Cellulite itself is fat pockets between small bits of connections between skin and your muscle. So in order to target the cellulite, you need to break those connection and melt the fat,” said Dr. Thomas Jeneby, a Plastic Surgeon.

And a hand piece does just that. The maker, Cynosure, says it uses Photomology, a combination of lasers and suctioning to smooth the skin.

SmoothShapes is FDA approved and takes about 40 minutes for each session, usually eight are necessary over four weeks. And doctors says there’s no pain.

“What you feel is heat. And it’s kind of like a hot stone massage. And it’s very comfortable, actually,” said Dr. Jeneby.

The maker says the treatment makes cellulite less noticeable.

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Melisa Votion began to notice a difference about halfway through her treatments.

“I started noticing my pants, my shorts were fitting a little bit looser to the area. That was my first realization that the treatments were working for me,” said Melisa.

SmoothShapes costs about $2,500 for eight sessions. It’s recommended for mild to moderate cellulite.


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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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