PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A local attorney, representing families who have lost children as a result of drop-side cribs, is relieved that the Consumer Product Safety Commission Tuesday placed a ban on the marketing and sale of these items. The cribs cannot be sold at second hand stores or yard sales either, so if you have a drop-side crib in your nursery or one stowed in the garage you need to trash it.

Jeffrey Killino explains why these cribs are so dangerous, “You have a moveable side, so it is only inevitable that the parts that they use will become loose, they will be installed in the way that was not intended and eventually a child is going to get trapped between that side rail and a mattress.”

Killino says he’s represented a number of families who have lost children this way, but he believes there are many more unreported cases, “When a parent loses a child, especially an infant, they just become so stricken with grief they don’t often take action to remedy the situation or seek to contact the CPSC or an attorney to look into the circumstances for them.”

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio 1060