PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When people think of karate, they think of self-defense in movies like The Karate Kid. But a June article in Parents Express points out that martial arts helps kids in many ways — primarily physical fitness and self-control.

Statistics show that one in three US children are obese and many families don’t realize the negative effects not just of eating poorly but of kids being sedentary, playing video games and surfing on their computers.

Solomon Brenner, a teacher of martial arts for 22 years, writes that karate offers opportunity for exercise, uses all parts of the body and is good for the cardiovascular system. He also stresses its value in coordination, behavior, discipline, following directions and focus.

Kids involved in karate reflect confidence. When bullies choose victims they don’t look for confident kids who can stand up for themselves.

As an educator who has never thought about karate as a learning experience, the article made sense to me.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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