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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Hey, who’s going to water all that stuff while you’re on vacation anyway? Here are some tips to help your plants survive:

MULCH the tops of planters. That really reduces evaporation and buys some time in case your neighbor forgets to water once or twice.

MOVE planters so they’re all together and put a sprinkler on a timer so they get a good soaking every morning. Or just put your planters in shadier spots while you’re gone so they won’t dry out so fast.

PINCH PLANTS BACK like those draping wave petunias – the smaller a plant is the less water it needs! It won’t bother you to have them shorter since you won’t be there to see them, and they’ll start to fill in by the time you get back. Believe me, a smaller plant that survives is better any day than one that’s wilted away from lack of water.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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