PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two people are under arrest in Philadelphia after police caught them red-handed on Facebook plotting to commit murder.

Police say the evidence against 20-year-old London Eleye and 18-year-old Timothy Bynum speaks for itself.

According to police, what started as a verbal argument between Eleye and the father of their child ended with Eleye posting on Facebook: “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father.”

Police say a “Stack” means $1,000.

The intended target spoke to Eyewitness News. The 22-year-old man asked to remain anonymous and explained that the argument began when he ended his relationship with Eleye. “I never thought she’d do anything like that. You don’t play with anybody’s life. You have to take it seriously when it’s your life.”

Police took it seriously and immediately looked into the allegation.

According to court documents, several people on Facebook asked Eleye if she seriously wanted him dead and Eleye responded: “DEAD. HATE HIM!”

“And then a young man asks who is he? Where does he live? She then gives a description of the male and where he lives at which point the male says ‘Ok, give me the stack, I’ll take care of it’,” Lt. John Walker with the Philadelphia Police Department said.

Police identified that man as Bynum, who was in possession of a gun at his Darby home.

“Now through our investigation by going to his house, we know he had the means to carry it out,” Lt. Walker said.

Bynum’s mother, Madeline Wimberly argued back, “He didn’t even know what the guy looked like. You can’t carry anything out if you don’t know what the person looks like.”

Wimberly says she doesn’t know how or where her son got her gun, but maintains Bynum, who works full-time and goes to school part-time, is innocent.

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“Never has he been in trouble. He’s always just willing to do anything to help anybody,” Wimberly added.

Wimberly calls the entire incident a huge misunderstanding. She’s retained a lawyer determined to clear her son’s name.

As of Monday night, both Bynum and Eleye remained in jail unable to post their bail.

Reported by Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3