5:40 New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted he sent the photos from his Twitter account and lied about the hoax and hacking.

anthony wiener1 Stigall Show Log 6.7.11

6:27 Congressman Weiner alledgedly offered a porn star media consultations from his staff on how to handle media inquiries.

6:42 Chris revists yesterday’s announcement from Rick Santorum that he is jumping into the race for President.

7:46 Chris talks to Andrew Breitbart, the journalist who broke the Anthony Weiner/Twitter story.

andrew breitbart Stigall Show Log 6.7.11

8:12 Chris talks to Daily News Columnist Phil Goldsmith about Mayor Michael Nutter’s flip flop on taxes and the school budget.

8:23 Chris talks to Mayor Michael Nutter about the school budget gap and his proposed soda tax.

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