PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Since Title IX barred sex discrimination in education programs receiving federal aid in 1972, girls have been encouraged to enter traditionally “male” careers — science, math, technology, architecture and law. With male dominated fields such as construction now stagnant, an article in Education Week asserts that boys should explore female-dominated fields such as health care, nursing and education.

Data reveal problems of boys: twice as likely as girls to receive out-of-school suspensions and three times as likely to be expelled; 54.7% of girls receive mostly A’s on their report cards, compared to 40% of boys; more girls graduate from college.

With large numbers of unemployed males resulting from the recession and our changed economy, the Washington-based Boys Initiative called for a White House Council on Boys and Men similar to the Council existing for Women and Girls…to “help both sexes move from the old rigid rules of the past to the more flexible rules of the future.”

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio