PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The city is filled with old houses. Many contaminated with chipped lead paint that can be especially dangerous for children.

“He has behavior problems, attentions not good. He’s been diagnosed with ADD,” said Everette Gringrow, a Philadelphia mother. Blood tests showed that Everette’s 5-year-old son Dwayne has lead poisoning. It’s caused a variety of medical and emotional problems.

“I never knew. I’ve never known that lead would be in a home,” said Everette. She is hoping that city council passes legislation that would require landlords to certify that property doesn’t have dangerous levels of lead, before it’s rented.

“The importance is that we could prevent a lot of Philadelphia children from getting exposed to lead,” said Dr. Carla Campbell, a Pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She says 90 percent of Philadelphia homes are contaminated with some level of lead, putting children in danger.

“It can impair development, behavior attention, cognition. It can lower intelligence or IQ points,” said Dr. Campbell.

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“One child poisoned by lead is one child too many,” said Blondell Reynolds Brown, a City Councilwoman who introduced the legislation. She says hundreds of Philadelphia children are suffering with lead poisoning.

“The purpose of the bill is to move the needle so we can reduce those numbers substantially with regards to children suffering from lead,” said Brown.

People opposed to the lead certification bill say it would be too expensive. The hearing was postponed from today to Monday. There is no indication on when it might be brought to a vote.


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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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