PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This year’s Philadelphia Beer Week kicked-off today with it’s annual Hammer of Glory, or HOG, relay.

The Hammer Of Glory is a giant sledge hammer, a symbol  of Philly Beer Week, transported in an unusual way every year to more than 20 bars in Philadelphia on its way to Opening Tap, the official opening ceremony for Philly Beer Week. Will Reed, co-owner of Standard Tap at 2nd and Poplar strapped the HOG to his back and Pogo-Sticked across the street to the next stop on the relay and did it with pyrotechnics.

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Will Reed, owner of Standard Tap uses a Pogo Stick to transport the HOG to Foodery. (Credit: John McDevitt)

“I think the whole operation went pretty smoothly,” says Reed. “My pant legs did catch on fire a little bit, but it’s pretty much shorts weather so it will all work out.”

Some other methods the HOG was carried in the day long relay included wheelbarrow, tricycle, horse-drawn carriage and roller skates by the Philly Roller Girls.

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Philadelphia Brewing Company used a kinetic sculpture to transport the Hammer of Glory to Johnny Brenda's. (Credit: John McDevitt)

At each stop, the couriers read a prepared speech to the next person entrusted to carry the HOG: “Noble carrier, we entrust you with The Hammer of Glory, the omnipotent symbol of our beloved Philly Beer Week. May your journey be safe. Work ye up a thirst, for there shall be beer waiting for you at your destination. Godspeed!”

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Will Reed hands the HOG to carriers from the Foodery. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Organizers say Philly Beer Week highlights the region’s diverse beer scene. For more go to

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060