PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – OK, cookout season is officially underway and beyond burgers and weenies, these days, lots of us are making much more complex meals on the grill. Planting a pot of herbs nearby makes it easier to recreate all kinds of favorite flavors and recipes, since fresh herbs are often best scattered on food as it comes off the grill.

Sprinkle sprigs of fresh thyme on grilled chicken; dress lamp chops with mint leaves; chop chives over grilled potatoes or other veggies; or make a steak into a thai beef salad with some Siam basil. Snip a handful of sweet Italian basil leaves to plop on top of tomatoes or to finish off a grilled pizza. (yes, grilled pizza – make or get some pizza dough and try it.)

Growing a pot of herbs means you’ll always have a fresh supply handy. So you can save money while enjoying exotic ethnic flavors you’re used to eating out at restaurants – without ever leaving your own backyard.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio