5:40 A limo in the Presidential motorcade bottommed out coming out of the embassy in Ireland.

5:42 Chase Utley’s return to the Phils led to an offensive outbreak.

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5:55 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to insist that Israel cannot return to the 1967 borders.

6:10 Vice-President Joe Biden surprised donors by asking that they keep some money aside for his Presidential Campaign in 2016.

6:22 Chris talks to KMBC-TV Reporter Diane Cho in Joplin, MO covering the aftermath of the deadly tornado.

6:42 Tim Pawlenty has declared his candidacy for President.

6:46 Companies that recieved money from the stimulus package owed the government millions in unpaid taxes.

6:58 Paul Ryan’s claim is backed up by the Washington Post that the President’s plan will raise top tax rates to above 44%.

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7:10 Chris talks to Inquirer Reporter and Crime Guy George Anastasia about the latest mob arrests in the city.

7:44 Chris gets details of his trip to Guantanamo Bay from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

8:11 Obama? Oh-Please.

8:13 The New Jersey State Supreme Court will rule today on Chris Christie’s school budget cuts.

8:20 State workers in New Jersey are wearing armbands to protest their benefit’s overhaul.

8:28 Students at Lower Merian High School opened a time capsule from 1910.

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8:44 The Eagles may be expressing interest in signing formerly imprisoned WR Plaxico Burress.