PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — South Philadelphia’s Italian Market is having its annual festival this weekend, and a local meat shop is celebrating its anniversary with a huge sausage.

Esposito’s Meats at 9th and Carpenter is celebrating 100 years in the meat business by stuffing a 100-foot-long sausage made with the family’s secret recipe. So how do you stuff such a long wiener?

We’ll you have to select the meats, you have to season it, and then, you have to grind it and put it in the stuffer. Form the stuffing, then you put it in the casing.

Joe Knit has worked at Esposito’s for 30 years stuffing sausages.

When asked how long it took to stuff this sausage, Knit responded, “Umm…about a half an hour.”

Shop owner Lee Esposito says that 30 to 40 volunteers will help carry the lengthy link to an outdoor grill.

“We’ll cut it, we’ll stack it. We’ll get it on ice, and through the course of the day, we’re going to cook it off,” Esposito says.

Esposito’s is just one of the many shops on 9th Street participating in this year’s Italian Market Festival.

Reported by Cherri Gregg, KYW Newsradio