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Tired of lugging your bags and paying airline fees for warm-weather getaways?  Jay Lloyd discovered an unusual solution.

by Jay Lloyd, KYW Newsradio 1060

A friend of mine, looking forward to a week hanging out at the bars and beaches of Key West, Florida, decided to thumb his nose at the $35 airline baggage fees ($70 roundtrip).

Carrying nothing but a shaving kit and some underwear, he was off.  On arrival, he headed straight to a thrift shop for a complete outfitting.

I stopped by a local Liberty Ministries shop to test the theory.

“You can get clothing pieces for a dollar,” says Robert Mattox, who runs the store.

We walked among racks of shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, blouses -– plenty of items to fill a week’s wardrobe -– all at well under the cost of flying a suitcase on the airlines.

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womens resort wear jlloyd dl Jay Lloyds Getaway:  A Beach Trip Without ANY Baggage

(Both men's and women's resortwear is avaiable for a pittance at thrift shops. Photo by Jay Lloyd)

And, Mattox points out, you’ll have money left over for some getaway toys:

“We have Frisbees, beach balls, usually 50 cents to a dollar.”

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water sports jay dl Jay Lloyds Getaway:  A Beach Trip Without ANY Baggage

(Jay Lloyd ponders the water sports options available at a thrift store.)

And when the vacation is done, you can donate it all back.

Do good deeds, have fun, save money, and get a tax break to boot!  Now that’s a getaway.

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