PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An 8-year-old went the extra mile to raise money for a sick friend and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When Luke Schrader was diagnosed with a rare disease, Colin Bruton laced up his shoes and sprang into action.

Luke Schrader and Colin Bruton, both 8, are the best of friends. These second graders love hockey and video games. But last December, a rare disorder called Wilson’s disease sidelined Luke for months. His parents rushed him to the hospital.

“We took him on a Monday,” said Mark Schrader, Luke’s father. “By Friday, his stomach was distended. He looked pregnant because his liver and spleen were enlarged.”

Luke’s only option was a liver transplant. When Colin heard about Luke’s health problems, he told his parents he wanted to raise money for his best friend by running in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

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“Ten miles is a long way, but I said, ‘If you think you can do it, then I think you can do it,'” said Kristin Bruton, Colin’s mother.

So Colin trained and asked for donations for Luke by selling T-shirts that said “Luke’s Force.”

“I thought I’d get about a grand, but then I realized a lot of money would be coming in,” Colin said.

In March, the Schrader’s insurance covered Luke’s liver transplant.

“Luke is great, thank God,” said his mother, Diana Schrader.

All the money Colin raised will now be donated to CHOP. But when Luke needed support, his best friend was right there, leaving the adults in awe of this special friendship.

“If there were more kids like Colin out there, we wouldn’t have the problems we have,” said Mark, Luke’s father.

“I tell him all the time I’m proud of him,” said Matt Bruton, Colin’s father.

Luke and Colin described their conversations: “I said, “What made you think you would run for me?'” said Luke.

“And I just said, ‘I know you a lot, and you’re my best friend,'” said Colin.

Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3

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