By Lesley Van Arsdall

As the Flyers prepare for Game 2 against the Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened on Saturday.

The guys in orange and black didn’t even look like the same team that just days before dominated the Sabres in Game 7.

In fact, Flyers defenseman Sean O’ Donnell said after the game they were all sitting around asking themselves,”what just happened ?”

Aren’t we all?

While many people blame goalie Brian Boucher, and yes, there were at least a couple of goals that bounced off of him and into the net,  it was definitely not all his fault. His teammates in front of him were just as much to blame. They left him hanging.

No word on who will start between the pipes in Game 2 — but I don’t think changing goalies AGAIN is the right answer.

Let’s just hope the team that took to the ice in Game 7 is back on the ice Monday night.