PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Everybody is a critic. The crowd in London chanted for a kiss but it seems viewers were dissatisfied with the results.

Folks on Independence Mall commented on the “Royal Kiss.”

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One woman said it was, “A little bit too short and they needed a third one for a hat trick.”

Another said they could have made it a little more dramatic. “I think they should have choreographed it a little better, made it a little bit more of a deal even if it was going to be short,” she said.

Others wanted a little more, but not too much.

Woman: “I would have liked to see it a little longer, a little more. Not intimate because they were in front of millions of people.”

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Woman 2: “I don’t think they should have done any tounge action.”

Woman 3: “Just more emotion in it as opposed to a peck.

Loeb: “Isn’t that very British though, the cold and withholding?”

Woman: “Yes, I heard one of them is very shy.”

When asked whether it was ironic to be talking about a royal wedding while standing on Independence Mall, one woman said yes, but the fairy tale concept trumped the irony.

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Reported by Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio