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5:45 John Street and Tom Knox have changed their registrations from Democrat to Independent, and may both run for Mayor if Michael Nutter loses the primary to Milton Street.

5:49 Republican Mayoral Candidate John Featherman produced a long video comparing Philadelphia to Libya.

6:11 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul would like to see a balanced budget amendment come out of congress.

6:16 The Philadelphia Orchestra’s bankruptcy filing caused a stir around the world, but former Governor Ed Rendell isn’t too concerned.

ed rendell Stigall Show Log 4.19.11

6:42 Chris disputes that events like the tornados in North Carolina are a sign of mad made climate change.

7:11 Chris talks to State Senator Richard Alloway about an updated version of the castle doctrine being debated in Harrisburg.

7:40 Chris discusses the S&P downgrade of the long-term U.S. outlook with financial analyst Chris Butler.

8:12 Chris talks to Mayoral Candidate Milton Street while he is out shaking hands and campaigning.

milton street3 Stigall Show Log 4.19.11

8:41 Surprise Republican Mayoral Candidate John Featherman called into the show to discuss the race and his new video.

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