5:47 Donald Trump will announce his presidential plans on his television show.

donald trump Stigall Show Log 4.15.11

5:57 Sarah Madson was quoted as ripping Phillies fans to a Metro reporter, but the reporter now also has some issues to deal with.

6:13 The lowest percentage of people in America are working since 1983.

6:44 A school board is appealing a ruling that allows kids to wear “Boobies Bracelets” in schools.

boobies bracelets1 Stigall Show Log 4.15.11

7:11 On a special edition of Finance Friday, Chris talks to tax expert Edward Lynn.

7:43 Chris talks to film maker Morgan Spurlock about his latest project, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

morgan spurlock1 Stigall Show Log 4.15.11

8:12 Chris talks to Beasley Reece about the Phillies upcoming series against the Marlins and the controversy surrounding Ryan Madson’s wife.

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