PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Just in time for spring planting, comes a new Guide to Favorite Trees from Greater Philadelphia Gardens. Visiting an arboretum is a great way to see mature trees in the landscape – it shows you how a tree will look after growing for years or decades. Because when you’re standing there buying a tree in the store, staring at a plant in a pot, it’s hard to imagine what that tree will grow up to be.

This guide will lead you to everything from champion trees – the biggest best, and oldest of their kind – to specimens with beautiful bark, unique flowers, or ornately twisted branches. The guide also kindly points out trees that are native to our area – those are your best bets for planting on your property because native trees are used to our weather and soil and are happy to grow around here.

Click here to download your Greater Philadelphia Gardens Guide to Favorite Trees – and visit as many as you can before you start planting.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio