PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police are working to identify and arrest a burglar they say has been passing off as a school security guard.

Wearing a security company jacket, the suspect can be seen on surveillance video roaming the hallways of the Charter Schools at 1420 Chestnut Street. Police say, in the video, the uniformed thief might pass as security to some, but he’s actually preparing to steal two lap tops from the facility.

“He got into the school and was observed trying several offices and classroom doors,” said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Pat Doherty.

According to Doherty, this is not the first time the fake security guard has slipped into the buildings on Chestnut Street. On March 21, police say he can be seen on video inside 325 Chestnut Street, where he was spotted and chased before he was able to take anything from the offices there.

“He was confronted by the employee and escorted out of the building,” says Doherty.

Beyond the thefts and trespassing, police say their biggest concern is how easily the fake security guard can slip into a school. Detectives hope the images (seen above) will help the public bring this suspect to justice, until that time they ask all Center City businesses, schools and residents to be on alert.

“The fact that he has breached the security of the school brings our level of concern to a higher level,” Doherty said.

If you have any information about the suspect, please contact the Philadelphia Police or dial 9-1-1.

Reported by Ben Bowens,

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