5:41 Swarthmore College is in shock over an attack on gay students.

6:10 President Obama was in Bucks County yesterday visiting a wind turbine manufacturer and warned against a government shutdown.

barack obama Stigall Show Log 4.7.11

6:41 Chris Christie met with a little kid that’s upset that he can’t be Governor of New Jersey.

7:18 Muammar Gadaffi wrote President Obama a letter asking him to call off the airstrikes.

muammar gaddafi Stigall Show Log 4.7.11

7:27 Green energy initiatives may actually create a loss of jobs.

7:42 Chris talks to the Postmaster General Patrick Donah0e about the closing of some post offices and the possible termination of Saturday delivery.

8:13 Chris welcomes Republican Mayoral Candidate Karen Brown into the studio to talk about the campaign.

8:42 Chris talks to the creator of Everyone Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal.

everybody loves raymond Stigall Show Log 4.7.11

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