5:40 President Obama finally addressed the nation on Libya last night.

5:57 Some on the right are giving the President credit for his Libya speech.

6:41 There have been traces of radiation found in the water locally, but it’s not anything to worry about.

6:51 Will Bunch wrote a column in the Daily News about the for-profit college model taking advantage of students that can’t get jobs.

7:10 Chris talks to CBS News Consultant Mike Lyons about the President’s speech on Libya.

7:41 Chris talks to Gladybell Almonte from the Oxford Food Shop in North Philly about a story in yesterday’s New York Times where a coaliton of parents is trying to stop kids from buying candy from their store.

8:10 State Senator Larry Farnese joins the Chris to discuss people using bath salts to get high.

8:27 Listen tomorrow for your chance to win Phillies home opener tickets.

8:28 A man was arrested for trying to steal frozen shrimp by them down his pants.

8:40 A reporter was put in a closet so he couldn’t mingle with guests at a fundraiser before the appearance of Vice-President Joe Biden.

8:47 Milton Street still owes more than $1 million in back taxes.