WINSLOW, NJ (CBS) — Police in Winslow Township say con artists are now preying on unsuspecting victims in the region with the latest version of a lottery sweepstakes scam. Investigators say an elderly resident from Albion was recently stung for thousands.

Winslow Township Detective Sgt. Eric Delfava says the victim was convinced by the con artist on the phone to send thousands of dollars which the scammer claimed were to cover fees for a big lottery prize.

“The first red flag will be when someone tells you’ve won a three-and-a-half-million dollar lottery or won a vehicle and you did not enter a contest like that,” said Sgt. Delfava. “That would be the first flag to be wary of something that someone’s giving you for nothing.”

Delfava says the victim from Albion reported being taken within the past week. He says investigators suspect it’s a ring of con artists working through multiple states but orchestrated from Kingston, Jamaica.

“Anytime someone is asking to pay a fee, especially via phone or internet, where nothing has been verified, I would recommend that no one pays that – ever.”

Reported by Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio

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