HARRISBURG (CBS) – Governor Corbett will form a task force to study ways to fund roads, bridges and mass transit in Pennsylvania. But, while the governor does not favor simply imposing tolls on highways as they currently exist, tolls could be a part of the solution.

Testifying at budget hearings, Governor Corbett’s nominee to be PennDOT Secretary, Barry Schoch, says the task force, which will be expected to work quickly and report results by June 1st, will be different.

Schoch says it will not study the state’s transportation needs, which are already well documented.

“The intent and focus of this committee is to work on how to finance the problem.”

Meanwhile, Governor Corbett’s spokesman Kevin Harley says one thing not to expect is another effort like the failed attempt to get federal approval to toll Interstate 80.

“He is opposed to tolling existing roads,” Harley said of the Governor’s position.

However, Harley says Corbett is open to the idea of tolling in the case of so-called public-private partnerships, where the private sector puts up the capital to rebuild or expand roads. He says proposed improvements to Route 422 is one example where that could work.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio