What could be worse than being stuck in traffic or taking a long car trip when the kids (and you) have just had enough! You wish you arrived at your destination already!

With a little preparation (very little), try this tip that the Schlessinger family shared with me years ago. It’s  practically guaranteed to have everyone in the car giggling with laughter!

Before going on your next car trip, make a little sign that says “WAVE IF YOU’RE FAMOUS.” With computers today, you can type these words – make them big and bold – and print them out. We taped ours to a piece of cardboard so it was sturdy, but it’s really not necessary.

wave KID FUN: Are You Famous?Hide the sign under your car seat and wait for that moment to arrive. Ya’ know, that moment when you know this trip is just taking too long. Pull out the sign from under your seat, read it to the kids and give them directions. They simply hold the sign at the window so the “world” can read it, the world they drive by. How much fun would that be if you were a passerby with your kids and you read it. “Hey kids! Wave! We’re famous!”

Then, before you know it, all these people are waving at your kids, most likely with big smiles on their faces. AND, somehow you arrived at your destination, and – even better – with sounds of giggles filling your car!

This KIDFUN game was shared with me years ago by Blanche Schlessinger who told me how much fun it was for her family. Do you have an idea that is easy-to-do that other families might enjoy? I’d love to hear. Visit my blog www.kidfunandmore.com and share it as a comment and I’ll make YOU famous, too!

About Sharla Feldscher

Sharla Feldscher, the longtime “kid expert” in Philly, is the author of several books on creative activities to do with young children. HarperCollins published two of her KIDFUN books that were translated in Russian and German (available on amazon.com). Years ago she had the KDIFUN Page in the Philadelphia Daily News and produced KIDFUN for KYW Newsradio. Find more creative ideas on her current KIDFUN blog at www.kidfunandmore.

Sharla is happy to share readers’ ideas, giving credit to the originator whether it be individuals, families, schools or organizations.  The owner of a public relations business in Philadelphia, she also writes for L.A. Family Magazine, New York Family Magazine and womanaroundtown.com (NY and Washington, D.C. editions)

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