5:41 Chris looked back at last night’s Red Meat Tour stop at Union Trust Steakhouse in Center City with Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Stay tuned for details about the next event.

5:47 Speaker John Boehner sent a letter to President Obama questioning his strategy in Libya.

5:56 Pat Buchanan says emotional women in the administration drove the President to action on Libya.

5:57 President Obama got locked out of the White House yesterday for a few minutes after getting off of Marine One.

marine one Stigall Show Log 3.24.11

6:10 Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. Is her death the end of an era?

6:14 Faulty Breathalyzer machines in Philadelphia are effecting on 1,100 drunk driving cases.

6:40 Chris talks to former Weekend Update Anchor on Saturday Night Live and new host of High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network, Norm MacDonald.

norm macdonald Stigall Show Log 3.24.11

6:59 Michael Vick’s high school will not hang his jersey in their rafters.

7:14 Should we be concerned with radiation levels in Japanese exports?

7:41 There is growing demand for airlines to segregate children.

7:59 A Reuters column previews what’s next for Obamacare on it’s one year anniversary.

8:11 Another reporter melts down on the air.

8:16 A Pew poll says President Obama would beat a generic Republican candidate.

8:40 Chris talks to Bill Massa, CEO of Philadelphia based Synagro, who will be featured on this Sunday’s Undercover Boss at 9pm on CBS.