By Ed Abrams

Well, sometimes. The big question is why is it not always that way? It is a game… a game that puts us outside, frees our mind from the day to day grind, and provides a nice venue for fellowship.

While I admit that it can be a drag if you’re hitting it sideways, my wish for you this season is that you get more enjoyment out of the game, and that it doesn’t have to be tied to a number on the scorecard. Thus, the title of this blog: let’s play better golf, have more fun doing it, and not break the bank.

On the economic front, I’ll be checking with various clubs and passing along word of whatever specials I can find. As competitive as last year was, the deals should still be plentiful. Who doesn’t like affordable golf? I know I do.

Back to the fun thing. It comes in many forms on the golf course, and occasionally when you least expect it. Have you ever played with hickory shafts? I did last year and had a blast! What about a quick nine holes with a friend where you get to call the other’s shots — high, low, draw, fade, or bump and run? We’ll occasionally explore some of those ideas, or visit a sleeper course or two that have been flying under your radar.

And of course, we’ll have tips. I know many of you need them like a junkie needs his fix, so I won’t leave you lying by the side of the cart path. We’ll tap the expertise of the area’s PGA Professionals to get their advice. We even know a couple of pros who don’t do the “tip” thing any more, casting that aside for a new way of coaching called Extraordinary Golf. We’ll hear from them as well this season.

Sound good? Then I ask you to bookmark this page and check back often. I’m not promising to cure your slice, and I don’t have all the answers. But you never know when you’ll find that nugget that will give your game new life or allow you to approach it with a new outlook. See you tomorrow?

Ed Abrams anchors mornings on KYW Newsradio, and you can hear his Golf Reports there on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. He has also created a new website at, a resource for golfers seeking the best bargains on dlubs, apparel and everything golf.

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