PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The bicyclist spent part of the weekend in the intensive care unit at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. Friends say he is lucky to be alive.
Meurig James is a proud award winning amateur cyclist who today can’t even walk.
From his hospital bed at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, the soft spoken 33-year-old asked the driver who hit him a question.
“How can you, basically effectively think you’ve killed another human being and just drive off?”
His girlfriend, Kristie Nichols, told me the list of injuries james is dealing with.

“He’s bleeding into his lungs. He has some blood in his lungs so he is coughing that up,”  Nichols said. “He has a broken right collarbone, a fractured ankle, fractured patella, which is the knee cap, and large collection of blood in his abdomen.”
James is facing months of rehabilitation to get his strength back in his legs and body.
He was hit riding his bicycle Friday evening just after 7p.m. near the Please Touch Museum.
The driver of the white car, possibly an SUV, never stopped.
“This person obviously knew they hit someone and just kept on going,” said Nichols
Friends say detectives recovered pieces of the car at the accident scene and that James’ employer is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3