PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The leaders of Pennsylvania’s four state-related universities are predicting dire consequences if Governor Corbett’s proposed funding cuts are fully enacted even though state lawmakers are signaling that’s not likely to happen.

During a state Senate Appropriations hearing this past week, the heads of the four state-related universities – Temple, Lincoln, Pitt and Penn State – said that the governor’s proposal to cut their funding by more than half would affect more than just tuition.

For example, Penn State president Graham Spanier said he would be forced to decimate the school’s county cooperative agriculture extension services, “And believe me, if you think you’re getting letters now, wait until the dairy specialists, the livestock specialists are eliminated, when the nutrition programs go away.”

Spanier also says Moody’s has indicated that the bond ratings for Pennsylvania higher education could be affected, and on Friday Penn State put several major construction projects on hold until the funding issue is resolved.

Lawmakers of both parties indicate they will try to moderate the governor’s proposed cuts.

Reported By Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio.