PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The annual Consumer Reports automobile issue is on newsstands now, but even for all its information, there’s a big question mark.

This special issue contains profiles of 250 vehicles, says auto editor Jonathan Linkov. If the price of gas is your main concern, there are few domestic cars, mostly Fords, that come recommended but largely it’s still a imports game.

“The manufacturers that have small cars that are available are going to be the ones who win out because when prices go up to $4, $5 a gallon people do flock into the small cars. When gas is cheap, people shun them. So, that’s really going to be the key industry and then watching what happens out of Japan is going to be secondary.”

Linkov says tests of the Volt electric car have so far been underwhelming, especially since there are gas and hybrid cars that get similar mileage and cost a lot less.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio

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