PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dog and cat health issues are not as different from each other as you might think.

Both dogs and cats alike do share many of the same common ailments and health issues including digestive disorders, ear infections, conjunctivitis or eye inflammation and irritation, flea and tick allergies, urinary tract infections, skin allergies and irritations, hypothyroidism, cognitive dysfunction, bladder infections, certain types of cancer, among many other illnesses.

There are, however some medical issues that are more common in one species than the other, though it is not to say that it is exclusive for either dogs or cats but simply seen more in one over the other.

For example, in cats it is more common to find renal failure, feline leukemia, upper respiratory viruses and diabetes. In dogs, it is more common to find arthritis, hot spots on the skin, hip dysplasia, and benign skin tumors.

One important thing that remains in common for both dogs and cats is that prevention is the best cure. Keep your eye on your companion animal for any changes in mood or behavior, keep them on a healthy, well-balanced diet and schedule regular check-ups to keep all illnesses at bay.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio