5:43 Charlie Sheen hosts a new episode of Sheen’s Korner and Chris questions the people in his inner circle.

6:12 Lenny Dykstra sits down with a local news affiliate to weigh in on Charlie Sheen.

6:41 Join Chris and Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick for our Red Meat Tour, March 23 at Union Trust Steakhouse. Click here for details.

6:45 Wisconsin Democrats invite Governor Walker to the state border with Illinois to discuss the budget.  Walker and Chris believe that is ridiculous.

7:11 CBS 3 reporter Oren Liebermann joins Chris in studio for an update on the priest sex abuse scandal in Philly. 

7:43 Chris brings in workplace legal expert Robin Bond to discuss the legalities of Charlie Sheen and his relationship with CBS and Time Warner.

8:07 Chris welcomes Steve and Cokie Roberts, authors of the book Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families

8:43 Only 14 high schools across the country responded to Obama’s “Commencement Challenge”