PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The smell of spring is in the air at least at the convention center for opening day of the Philadelphia International Flower Show.

“Springtime in Paris” is the theme of this year’s show.

Tanisha says the wonderful aroma of the season floods your senses the moment you step into the exhibit hall.

“Smelled great and you just instantly felt relaxed. Makes you feel like a little kid again.”

Most visitors, like Jim and Brian, were not only looking for a taste of spring, but for inspiration and maybe a few pointers.

(Jim:) “The fountain over there and then there’s water coming down through the walkway.”

(Dougherty:) “Something you might try at home?”

(Jim:) “We’re talking about that.”

(Dougherty:) “It’s a lot of work though.”

(Jim:) “That’s what he’s for.”

(Brian:) “Water coming down the stairs into the moat.”

Jane is an avid gardner and says she comes every year looking for new ideas to try out at home.

“That’s why I take lots of pictures, so I can remember what kind of plants were put where. You’re getting a vision of France through a flower’s eyes; the creativity, the sights, the smells, the sounds. You can’t replace it.”

Even if flowers aren’t your thing, Craig says the show has other redeeming qualities.

“We should have come here when we were younger though,” he said.

(Dougherty:) “Why is that?”

“Pick up girls. We didn’t think of that when we were young. We just went to the bars, but the flower show is the place to go.”

The show runs until Sunday March 13th.

Reported By Mike Dougherty, KYW Newsradio.