A single mom was thrown out of her apartment because of her child. Discrimination against those who have kids happens more often than one might think.

Robin Link decided to fight back and won thousands of dollars from her landlord.

“I wanted to make sure she never did this to anyone else again,” that’s what robin said after her landlord kicked her out of her Bucks County apartment after she adopted a 9-year-old boy.

Robin says, “I couldn’t believe that people that I knew would do something like that, not so much to me, but to my child. That’s the part that hurt the most.”

She filed a complaint and a judge with the Department of Housing and Urban Development ruled that she was a victim of discrimination.

Not because she was white and her son was African-American, but because she had a child.

That’s against federal law.

“This region has a very high level of housing discrimination,” said Jim Berry who is with the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia. He says one in five families in our area will face this type of discrimination.

It’s not just current tenants, but also people looking for apartments.

Within minutes, Megan Bolin of the council pulled up more than three dozen rental property ads on craigslist that say families need not apply.

“No smokers, children or pets,” read the ads on the computer.

In Robin’s case, she won a $40,000 judgment.

She used the money to become a homeowner and send a message to her former landlord.

“If you’re going to break the law you need to be held accountable for it,” said Robin.

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Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3