By Chris Stigall

5:40 Chris opens the show with a story from Upper Darby, where the owner of one pizza place tried to sabotage two others by planting bags of mice in their establishments.

mouse pizza The Stigall Show Log 3.1.11

5:57 Chris found a story in USA Today that says public employees in 41 states make more than private sector employees.

6:11 Charlie Sheen continues melting down, this time with TMZ.

6:25 Chris gets a forecast update with CBS 3 Meteorologist Kate Bilo.

6:47 An IBD/TIPP poll finds that most Americans prefer smaller government.

6:57 George Parry wrote a column in today’s Inquirer offering help for any state legislator looking to go into the witness protection program.

7:02 Ellen found a story from London where an ice cream shop had some ice cream seized because it was made with breast milk.

7:15 John Cavanaugh, a homeless man in West Chester, found $1400 in the street and turned it into police.

john cavanaugh1 The Stigall Show Log 3.1.11

7:58 Politico is reporting that the penalties in the Obamacare mandate may not be steep enough to force people to purchase insurance.

8:12 Chris talks to Mike Walters from TMZ about his interview in Charlie Sheen’s back yard.

8:45 Today is the day Adultbasic, a state health insurance plan, expires.

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