By Chris Stigall

5:40 Chris opens the show with a story from Upper Darby, where the owner of one pizza place tried to sabotage two others by planting bags of mice in their establishments.

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5:57 Chris found a story in USA Today that says public employees in 41 states make more than private sector employees.

6:11 Charlie Sheen continues melting down, this time with TMZ.

6:25 Chris gets a forecast update with CBS 3 Meteorologist Kate Bilo.

6:47 An IBD/TIPP poll finds that most Americans prefer smaller government.

6:57 George Parry wrote a column in today’s Inquirer offering help for any state legislator looking to go into the witness protection program.

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7:02 Ellen found a story from London where an ice cream shop had some ice cream seized because it was made with breast milk.

7:15 John Cavanaugh, a homeless man in West Chester, found $1400 in the street and turned it into police.

7:58 Politico is reporting that the penalties in the Obamacare mandate may not be steep enough to force people to purchase insurance.

8:12 Chris talks to Mike Walters from TMZ about his interview in Charlie Sheen’s back yard.

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8:45 Today is the day Adultbasic, a state health insurance plan, expires.