PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the Elementary and Secondary School Act, under the Bush administration called No Child Left Behind, up for reauthorization, there may be a compromise on education reform.

Republicans aren’t happy with the law’s large federal role, and Democrats believe testing has overtaken instruction and unfairly judges teachers. Both are dismayed at the 30 % of schools that did not make AYP, annual yearly progress last year, with potentially 80% this year under the act’s criteria.

Democrats and teachers think schools need more federal funding. They support achievement standards but don’t want teachers judged solely by student performance. Conservatives like tough standards, but think state and local governments should have greater responsibility. They support vouchers– using public money for private school tuition.

What’s likely is a reduced federal role, and possibly funding more charter schools. Both sides want fairer evaluations for teachers and schools, and more latitude for states’ decisions.

Some doubt the Republicans would let the president score a win on a topic as important as education. Bipartisanship will be tested. You can read more about it in the LATimes.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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