PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia’s city controller says he’s getting mixed messages from the US Department of Housing and Urban Developement regarding the embattled Philadelphia Housing Authority (see related story).

City controller Alan Butkovitz is quizzical about HUD’s request for the resignation of the entire PHA board, two of whom Butkovitz appointed.

“It’s been very cryptic,” Butkovitz says.  “The PHA Board was largely criticized for being too hands-off in supervising Carl Greene and, from the HUD statement on Friday [see related story], it appeared the PHA board was being criticized for being too hands-on.”

Butkovitz says he can’t comment on what HUD is up to until it shows its hand.  He says it announced a 60-day audit of PHA last August (see related story), and not only hasn’t there been a peep about what it found but a second audit has begun.

Butkovitz says his efforts to get information from HUD have gone nowhere.  In fact, he says, he wasn’t notified by HUD about the resignation request until nearly an hour after a reporter called to ask him about it.

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060.