PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are investigating half a dozen incidents of racial and anti-Semitic hate slogans, images and slurs that have been spray painted at six separate locations across Northeast Philadelphia within the last two weeks.

“I just wanted to know who it was,” victim Christina Green said. “I just wanted it to stop, and I was hoping it wouldn’t happen to anyone else in the neighborhood.”

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Green called 9-1-1 over the weekend when her car was broken into and she spotted swastikas on her neighbor’s cars.

“There has not been one iota of racial trouble that I know of,” said Gregory Hilliard of Northeast Philadelphia.

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A Kinder Academy Bus on Horrocks Street had to be wiped clean of the slurs that were on it.

“I just think it’s horrible, there’s no need for it, especially when we have a child care center with all denominations of everybody here on it,” said Green.

Police are investigating all of the incidents, trying to figure out if they’re connected in any way and despite the fact that at least three of them happened within a five-mile radius, they don’t believe there’s a link.

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