PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Tucson gunman Jared Loughner wounded 14 people, including a congresswoman, and killed six others including 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green. Taylor Green is the granddaughter of former Phillies manager Dallas Green.

Loughner was able to shoot so many people so quickly. He reportedly fired 31 shots in all because he had what’s called a “high capacity” ammunition clip.

It was easy enough for Loughner to buy a clip and you might be surprised just how easy it was for the CBS 3 I-Team.

I-Team reporter Jim Osman went undercover with $40 and asked for one of those high capacity clips and in a few minutes he walked out with one.

The clip, or magazine, holds 33 bullets.

We even went online and within a few days another magazine was delivered to us at our CBS3 studios.

In Pennsylvania and Delaware it’s legal.

In New Jersey, the clips that hold more than 15 bullets are illegal. It’s one of a handful of states to ban high capacity magazines.

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg says he wants the ban nationwide.

“We ought not to permit killing weapons like that to be in the hands of everybody who wants to buy it,” Lautenberg said.

Sarah Brady is the wife of Jim Brady, the press secretary who was shot during the assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981.

“It’s not an issue of banning or taking away guns,” said Mrs. Brady. “It’s an issue of public safety measures.”

The Brady Act banned high capacity gun clips until that part of the law expired in 2004.

Gregory Isabella who owns a Philadelphia gun shop said, “Why does a law – abiding citizen have to be restricted with their rights because of a nut and some politician that wants to get the sound bite because they’re going to be running for re-election?”

The NRA says citizens should have the right to have access to high capacity magazines to improve their odds in what the group calls “defensive situations”.

Bills have been introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate to ban the high capacity clips.

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Reported by Jim Osman, CBS 3

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