PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s a growing trend of women with larger breasts, and now bra sizes are expanding too.

Forget the Double D’s. The newest bra to hit the lingerie rack takes the alphabet all the way up to “L.” A British company has developed the first ever, supersize L-cup bra.

According to doctors, the need for the new supersize L cup is mostly a reflection of women gaining weight, unhealthy diets, and estrogen in birth control pills.

Experts say they’re not exactly sure why so many women are overly endowed. And it often comes with a heavy dose of discomfort, mainly in the back and neck.

The maker of the L-Cup Alana bra says it gives more support and comfort than their previous Double-K.

Susie Arazy, an owner of a lingerie shop, says the average bra size in the U-S is a 36 Double-D, but it’s estimated 80 percent of ladies are laced up with the wrong size.
Now they’ll have more selection in the larger size that Susie says are pretty too.

“Today’s fashion is not just for small women, but very much for the big women. They have a choice. They have different styles and they can look, they are beautiful,” said Susie.

Women spend an estimated 5 billion dollars a year on bras, and experts say they often make the wrong selection.

For more information about the size L Alana bra, CLICK HERE.

Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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