PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chef Walter Stab of City Tavern restaurant says people in the 18th century cooked very differently than the way we cook today.

Walter Staib

“They used a lot of lards, they used a lot of creams.”

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And he says their tools were a lot more primitive.

“Let me tell you the kitchens — and this is a fact — and I will tell you from the reasearch we’ve done, the fire was never out. Just imagine the bread. There’s no such thing of buying bread.”

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With no convenience stores or sophisticated storage methods, they ate fresh every day, and Stab says they cooked with many more ingredients than we use today:

“And you think about George Washington’s chef right here in Philadelphia, Hercules, when you think about Thomas Jefferson’s chef, I mean those guys were absolutely artists from the way I see it. I have a tremendous respect for the 18th century culinarians because they had a real hardship trying to put out some fantastic meals.”

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio

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