PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A lot of us do the same thing every Valentine’s Day: buy a card, candy, or flowers, or try to remember to make dinner reservations.

Personal growth coach Teressa Moore Griffin says getting into a rut can drain the most special occasion of its meaning. Breaking out of that rut by creating or writing your own card, or doing something your sweetie loves that you may not — like watching golf or NASCAR — can enrich the day, and the relationship.

“The more thought we put into Valentine’s Day, like any day in life, I think we garner more meaning from it,” said Griffin.

Griffin says create a box of gift cards, say, for a back rub, “or a foot massage or a little pillow talk, or a neck massage.”

Griffin says all it costs is time. “We can afford always to give each other our full attention.”

And that can make every day more meaningful.

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Reported By Molly Daly, KYW Newsradio.

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