PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A national company holding meetings in Philadelphia decided to wrap up their visit by giving back to the community. In less than two hours, they raised and gave away thousands of dollars.

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon at Project H.O.M.E’s technology class in north Philadelphia, Third graders like Alicia Pendergrass learned how to use computers.

“We use our computers Monday through Friday, every day of the week,” she said.

But the computers are eight years old and need to be refurbished, that’s where Michael McMahon of Austin, Texas comes in.

McMahon wrapped up a CommVault business meeting with a team building challenge, do something to help others.

“In 90 minutes we used social networking and email and we raised over $5,000 under the moniker ‘A Random Act of Giving,'” said McMahon.

Michael McMahon donated the $5,000 dollars to Project H.O.M.E. and their technology labs.

“This is like money falling from the sky. I am continuously impressed by the people who generously give to us,” said Mary Randles who runs the learning center.

Alicia, who is eight years old, has another way of looking at it.

“To me it’s 100 percent cool, we are really grateful for these computers that can help you learn more and get a new education that you need”

Michael McMahon says it would be cool, if “random act of giving” would spread, that’s why they posted a video on YouTube.

“We’d like to challenge others to do the same, we’ll call this act one, act two let’s see what other people can do.”

To see the video CLICK HERE

Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3

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