PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two former Philadelphia police officers have pleaded guilty to corruption charges, stunning crimes committed with a badge, a gun, and even a police wagon.

Defendants Robert Snyder and James Venziale have admitted they conspired with another cop and drug dealers to steal drugs from a drug dealer and then re-sell them on the street.

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Prosecutor Maureen McCartney says the scheme started with a traffic stop. “The object of the traffic stop was to allow one of the other co-defendants to allegedly be arrested, but then to be able to released along with the drugs that had not been paid for,” McCartney said. “Then basically, you’re getting the drugs for nothing and you sell them and everybody makes money off of it.”

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Snyder also admitted conspiring with his wife and another officer, Mark Williams, to steal money from a suspected mafia bagman. The plot, which ultimately did not happen, would have had Williams allegedly stealing a police wagon to carry out the phony car stop.

Williams and Officer Snyder’s wife, Christal, are also charged and are awaiting trial. Both have pleaded not guilty.

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Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio