PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Area motorists have noticed the beating the roads have taken during this wicked winter season.

Potholes are everywhere and in some cases, very difficult to avoid. One woman said, “With two kids in the car I try to focus as much as I can, so sometimes I miss seeing them and have to go over them but if I have to swerve one way, I try to go towards the curb instead of the traffic.”

One man talked about the negative effect on his wheels. “I’ve already had problems with the air pressure in the tires being knocked out this year,” the man said.

Some said this year has been particularly bad for the roads. “It’s made everything very time-consuming,” one woman said. “Getting from point A to point B and a little bumpy on the way.”

But there are those who are reluctantly resigned to the fact that this time of year, man and pothole must find a way to coexist. “Winter equals salt and salt equals potholes, that’s just the way of life around here,” a man said. “It’s just hard to keep up with the road, with the freezing and deteriorating.”

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio

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