By Beasley Reece

The Eagles have hired a defensive coordinator and in a shocker of a move, its respected offensive line coach Juan Castillo.

Okay Eagles fans, I know this is a tough sell. That’s why the Eagles posted reaction from three friendly NFL head coaches applauding the move. But, Juan Castillo played linebacker in college and as a pro in the USFL, and don’t laugh at the USFL because I can name NFL Hall of Famers out of that defunct experiment like Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Herschel Walker and many more.

Don’t give up on the season or try to run Juan out of town because no coach works harder than Juan. No coach studies defense in greater detail than offensive coaches.

Also, the Eagles waited so long to make a decision that their choices were limited. I believe Andy Reid must win a Super Bowl within the next two years to keep his job. It’s difficult to convince a big name defensive coordinator to move his family into a situation that may have a short shelf life before dismissal.

I have the unique perspective of having played on both sides of the ball in the NFL. I was a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys my rookie year. The next eight years I played defensive back. That year of offense was a tremendous advantage for a defensive back. I understood what the offense was trying to do as a unit and how receivers are taught to read defense. That knowledge made me a defensive captain and respected like a coach on the field by my employers.

It’s not the perfect scenario, but the hiring of Juan Castillo as defensive boss is not an automatic formula for failure.

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