PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As we head into the time leading up to the Super Bowl there is certainly a great deal of excitement about the game. From a health standpoint I often worry about the danger of gambling addicts trying to get the big score and win back a year’s losses all at once. This can be the ultimate temptation for the gambler.

For those who have a family member with a gambling issue it is crucial to try and anticipate the issue and get them help. Many of you in this situation are probably saying “we have been trying to do all we can. Of course we are trying to get help.”

I mention this because it is important to remind you, but I also worry about the weekend gambler who may have fallen behind over the course of the long football season and thinks this will make it right. Let’s face it. There have been new gamblers on the scene this year because of financial stress. A big loss on the Super Bowl could be devastating.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor