PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Onion, the multimedia news satire juggernaut, may soon publish a Philadelphia edition.

The Onion began as a satirical weekly in 1988.  This week’s print version featured the headline “Crochet: What Role Does It Play In The Grandmotherization Of America?”

But The Onion also has a web site.  One of today’s stories: “Johnson and Johnson Introduces Self-Lotioning Baby.”

It also offers radio fake news….

(Clip from Onion radio “newscast”:)  “A coalition of whales demanded a 10-percent increase in chum today…”

There’s also video, promoted with the phrase, “This is the Onion News Network, keeping you safe from the lies.”

(Clip from video “newscast”:)  “Sixty-two percent of Americans said that even though they don’t support Sarah Palin’s politics, they would consider voting for her out of a perverse desire to see what would happen if she were the president.”

And Sportsdome, a fake sports program, runs weekly on Comedy Central.

Although the company isn’t talking about its Philadelphia plans, watch out!

Reported by John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio 1060 — really.


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