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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Last week, I had a garden of glass. On that day of the freezing rain, every leaf, blade of grass and individual evergreen needle was coated in ice. It’s so easy to take great photographs on a day like that – even with a cheap point and shoot camera the images can be amazing – you can print them out and make great art for your walls or nice holiday cards for next year.

By the time I got out with my camera, it was just starting to melt a bit, so it was all glistening. Even the ordinarily boring buds of a dogwood tree looked like adorable little aliens – each encased in a perfectly round ice bubble like a circular cartoon space helmet. It’s very cool to see how an everyday tree, shrub, or even a wisp of a weed can be totally transformed by ice – just a lucky combination of a bit of wet weather and perfect temperatures. You can see some of my cool, icy garden photos above.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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